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Birthday Cake

"Just an amazing space, we've had the best time" 

"It's so good to able to get healthy options for the food"

"Least stressful party EVER" 

At the Treehouse we've opted to give you lots of options to be able to pick and mix your ideal event for your occasion and budget. Check out the FAQ's below for loads of information and options.  

🎈1. First, let's find out if your date is available - use the initial enquiry form below.

🎈2. Availability will be confirmed and a reservation invoice sent out

🎈3. When you're ready, use the 'customise your event' form below to finalise all the details and a final invoice will be sent

🎈4. Time to party!

Initial Enquiry

Type of Event
Please also check the availability of:


What do you offer?

Exclusive hire for 16-26 children (up to age 6) and up to 40 adults.

Saturday:      10:00am - 12:00pm    or    2:00-4:00pm

Sunday:         10:15am - 12:15pm     or     2:00-4:00pm

What are your prices and catering options?

£130 if our catering is, in addition, ordered (£80 deposit)

£180 if you are bringing your own/additional food  (£80 deposit)

Basic Catering

  • Buffet:                £6.50pp (see pictures below)

  • Snack pack:     £5.50pp (see pictures below)

Additional options of:

  • Sandwiches trays at £20 per tray of 8 sandwiches, quartered with a selection of fillings to suit either kids or adults.        

  • Drink cartons for buffet £1.40pp

  • Crisps, popcorn, sweetie cones and ice cream 

Are the sensory rooms included?

For safety, we do not open the imagination room for parties but we do open the building room.  

Do you have additional entertainment? 

Yes! Please have a look below to see which you would like to hire.  

Do you have music playing?

You are welcome to use our bluetooth speaker however we don't have a licence for music. It is parents/carers responsibility to source a music licence from PPL/PRS if appropriate. 

Can we bring a face painter/Entertainer? 

Yes, however please make sure paint is completely dry before playing in the main play area again and we do not allow any glitter to be used. Any discos must be in our studio area.

Can we arrange art and crafts/Treehouse Lego? 

Yes. This can be requested on the party extras booking form and will need to be cleared away 15 mins before the end of the session.

Can we run a tab for guests? 

Yes. This can be requested on the party extras booking form.

Can we arrive early to set up?

Yes, ​you can arrive 15-mins early to set up.     


How many adults can attend?

We are able to safely accommodate up to 50 adults. 

Can a photographer attend?

Yes however we do strongly advise that you seek permission from every child/guardian in attendance. 

Do we need to bring plates and napkins?

We have  plain plates and napkins although you are welcome to bring themes ones if you like.  

Can you supply party hats and napkins?

Yes. This can be requested on the party extras booking form. They are rainbow themed. 

Can you supply party bags?

Yes. This can be requested on the party extras booking form. All bags contain a mini colouring book, mini pack of crayons, a lollipop and either a toy or a book as you choose.  

There are loads of extras that can also be ordered on the catering/extras booking form that you can add to the bags too.

When do I pay the balance?

This will be sent by invoice a week before your event after we receive your final booking form to confirm all your preferences.  

What is your cancellation policy?

Your session can be cancelled and refunded in full with a full weeks notice. Sessions can be rescheduled up to 3 days before with no penalty.

CATERING CANCELLATIONS: 1 week before, 50% of buffet/sandwich charges must be paid for. Less than 3 full days notice and buffet/sandwich catering must be paid in full.  

How do I book?

Please use the form above to enquire about dates and we'll be in touch.   Catering and final details can be followed up nearer your event (minimum 1 week's notice) 

email: or call 01738 851 111 for more information 



Freshly made, healthy food: £6.50pp

Carrots, pepper & cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, humous, selection of kid friendly sandwiches, cheese, ham, boiled eggs, pitta and breadsticks.

Savoury Platters.png



Why not add on Sandwiches?

Includes a drink, Organix crisps, raisin box, piece of fruit, muffin and alphabet biscuits or Bear paws or Oaty bar.  Items can be swapped to suit tastes. 



£7 per tray of 30

A must at a scottish party!  Marshmallows with melted chocolate and a smartie on top! 

Colorful Fruits



A selection of kid friendly seasonal and exotic fruit (subject to availability).  Serves 16 as a guide. 



£3 per bowl

Simple salted for all to enjoy



£1 each

Selection of squishy, sweet treats.

Delicious Sandwich


Great extra for adults!

£20 for a tray of 8

Works really well to supplement the snack packs in the afternoons or for adults in the party.

Image by charlesdeluvio


£3 per bowl

Sweet popcorn, a party classic. 



£2.2 per tub

Selection of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, mint choc chip or vegan raspberry. 

Customise your Event

When you are ready, please submit this form so we can have everything ready for a fantastic event. We need at least 1 weeks notice for any catering orders.

Event Type
Date and time