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Parties FAQ's

Sparkling Cupcake

"Just an amazing space, we've had the best time" 

"It's so good to able to get healthy options for the food"

"Least stressful party EVER" 

🎈At the Treehouse we've opted to give you every combination of options to be able to pick and mix your ideal event for your occasion and budget. 

2hr or 3hr hire

Catered or non-catered

Add on arts and Lego

Bouncy castle hire

🎈Please read ALL the FAQ's before booking so you can have the perfect event.

🎈All your guests will be expected to comply with our play T&C's.  

You can download a copy of our Play Terms to send to your guests here

Booking is all online (BOOK HERE):

1. Secure your date and time (up to two weeks before),

2. Order your catering and extras (up to 1 week before) and
3. Add on Bouncy castle hire (4 weeks notice if possible)  - please send email to arrange


What do you offer?

Exclusive hire for 12-20 children (up to age 6) and up to 40 adults. 
We are fully insured up to age 8 for siblings and relatives to be able to enjoy playing too.

Less than 12 kids?  You can book into a 
regular play session and get in touch by email if you wish to order any catering in advance. We can provide our snack packs and sandwich trays as per regular parties but not a buffet.  This will not be exclusive hire and therefore foods from home and decorations are not permitted.  A popular option is to bring cake, sing Happy Birthday but cut the cake and add to party bags. 


When are your sessions?

10am for 2 or 3 hours or 2pm for 2hrs. This includes set up and clear up time however you can usually arrive 15mins early to get set up.  To allow us to clean for the next session we must ask that you leave no later than 15 mins after your session has ended. 

What are your prices and catering options (From July 2023)?

Our prices include exclusive hire for up to 20 children at Early Bird prices with an additional 10% discount.  Our non-catering option includes a food "corkage" fee.  

2hr Hire: £130 if catering is ordered (£80 deposit/£50 balance)

2hr Hire: £180 if you are bringing your own food  (£80 deposit/£100 balance)

3hr Hire: £190 if catering is ordered  (£100 deposit/£90 balance)

3hr Hire: £240 if you are bringing your own food  (£100 deposit/£140 balance)

Are the sensory rooms included?

Due to damages caused we do not routinely open this room for parties.  

Do you have a bouncy castle? 

Yes! This can now be booked in addition to your event and your catering/extras.  The more notice the better but please give 4 weeks as we need to organise additional staffing.  Less notice than this and we will of course try accommodate you but can't guarantee we can arrange it.   See the castles potentially available, sizes and prices HERE.  To book please email with details of the castle you're interested in hiring. 

When do I pay the balance?

This can be done on the day of your party.  Please also read the cancellation policy below. 

Buffet (see below): £6.50pp (am sessions only)

Snack pack: £5.5pp
Additional options of:

   Sandwiches trays at £20 per tray of 8
   Drink cartons for buffet £1.10pp

   Crisps, popcorn, sweetie cones and ice cream/lollies can also be ordered online. 

Can we bring our own cake and decorations? 

You are very welcome to bring your own cake, party bags and decorations. Candles are perfectly safe to use but we ask that any sparkler style ones are lit on the balcony. 


All decorations must be removed, including balloons. No cake smashes are permitted.  Please do not stick decorations to any painted walls. 

Can we bring a face painter? 

Yes, however please make sure paint is completely dry before playing in the main play area again and we do not allow any glitter to be used. 

Can we arrange art and crafts/Lego? 

Yes. This can be requested on the party extras booking form and will need to be cleared away 15 mins before the end of the session.

Can we run a tab for guests? 

Yes. This can be requested on the party extras booking form.

Can we arrive early to set up?

Yes, ​you can arrive 15-mins early to set up.   
Please note that you will need to use the rear fire exit entrance to be early for parties that start at 10am on Sunday.  This is strictly for key party organisers and not for your guests and we ask that you park in the regular parking area at the front of the building due to insurance purposes and access for deliveries.  

When do we have to leave?

We really appreciate a prompt exit when your session is up and no more than 15mins after.  

Can you tell me what the total cost will be?

The best way to calculate this is to use our booking page for Catering and Extras so that you can mix and match all the items you'd like to order.  You don't need to book it until 7 days before your event but it's a handy calculator as well :) 


How many adults can attend?

We are able to safely accommodate up to 40 adults. Please let us know if you plan to host more than 20 adults so that we can arrange extra staffing. 

Can siblings attend?

Yes they are welcome to use the café as the attending adults but will not be able to use the play area unless there are less than 20 kids attending the party and they are 8yrs or under.

Can a photographer attend?

Yes however we do strongly advise that you seek permission from every child/guardian in attendance. 

Do we need to bring plates and napkins?

We have plates and napkins although you are welcome to bring themes ones if you like.  

Can you supply party hats?

Yes. This can be requested on the party extras booking form. They are rainbow themed. 

Can you supply party bags?

Yes. This can be requested on the party extras booking form. All bags contain a mini colouring book, mini pack of crayons, a lollipop and either a toy or a book as you choose.  

There are loads of extras that can also be ordered on the catering/extras booking form that you can add to the bags too.

We now also add in a voucher for 50% off a play session for each of your guests. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Your session can be cancelled and refunded in full with a full weeks notice. Sessions can be rescheduled up to 3 days before with no penalty.

CATERING CANCELLATIONS: 1 week before, 50% of buffet/sandwich charges must be paid for. Less than 3 full days notice and buffet/sandwich catering must be paid in full.  

How do I book?

Exclusive hire is available to booking via our booking page and your catering can now be ordered online too.  This can be done as a separate booking so that you have time to confirm numbers and you don't need to order catering until a week before. 

You can drop us an email, call or pop in to discuss the details any time but please do read ALL the information on the booking form.  There are downloadable attachments including a form to send to all attendees with the general play T&C's. 

email: or call 01738 851 111 for more information 



Morning sessions only

Carrots, pepper & cucumber sticks, humous, cheese sandwiches, ham sandwiches, cheese and ham sandwiches, cheese, eggs, grapes, oranges, tomatoes, breadsticks. 

Savoury Platters.png


Any sessions

Why not add on Sandwiches?

Includes a drink carton, packet of Organix crisps, raisin box, piece of fruit, muffin and something sweet such as alphabet biscuits or Bear paws or Oaty bar.  Items can be swapped to suit tastes. 

Delicious Sandwich


Any session.
Great extra for adults!

Cheese, ham, cheese & ham, cucumber & humous if requested, Works really well to supplement the snack packs in the afternoons or for adults in the party.



Any session

Ice-Cream, Juice cartons - crisps - sweetie cone - luxury cupcakes - ice lollies - popcorn....

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