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What's Happening?

Update: 28th April
Scheduled opening date: 29th A


* Spiders are here and ready to be collected

* Teddy Bears are here and ready to be collected

* Seeds are printed and ready to be collected or posted


* Invitations to the launch  - emails have been sent out

* Year of Coffee - cards are here!

* Year of Muffins - cards are here!

* Child's name on our wishing tree leaf:  Tree is painted

* Sponsor a Bulb being arranged


* Newburgh Food Bank: Ready to send out on Monday 1st May

* Win and Art Kit: Drawn and prize collected

* Win a Bean Shop hamper: drawn and collected

* Play it Forward: Cod
es to be sent out Friday 21st April



Spending to date:

Imagination Playground Kit: £3692 (at UK customs! to collect from Selby)

Hope Education soft play kit: £359.99 

Fold away tables for classes: £390 delivery imminent

Fold away chairs for classes: £120

Benches for studio & Imaginarium: £350 
Kallax for play tables: £115
Hardware from B&Q for play tables: £149.98
Animals for play tables: £260
Sensory kit for Imaginarium: £407

Wall mats £134.95

Sensory Cubes: £149.99
Décor stickers: £120.40
Batter recharging kit £40
Travel cups £231.47
Fairy Wishing hand: £25.00

Crowdfunder fees & card fees: £728.74
VAT on Rewards: £?


Teddy Bears: £159.98
Spiders: £152.90
Seeds: £7.99
Baker Ross Hamper: £101.00
Bean Shop Hamper: £75.00
Plaque for garden: £20
Cards for 'year of' muffins/coffee: £18.99 

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